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 Application to post.

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Kiha Holmes


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PostSubject: Application to post.   Sat Dec 01, 2007 2:59 pm

Here is the apply to post on the forums. Also, Just to CONFIRM that you have read this awfully long paragraph, at the end of the sentance you must put, Mewcutie Kihablack and Ringo score! Or otherwise, we know that you have not read this throughly. The rest of this paragraph like now is just going to be random sentances that I must add to make it seem long. Otherwise we know if you are thinking, "omg i cnt b bothered so ya" because this is just to notify us that you are bothered, patient and willing to read these random rules. You may now start to apply! =D

IC age?:
IC Name?:
Why do you want to post?:
If you had to make up some book names, what would they be?:
Example RP post:
Do you like us, Explain why?:
Have you ever been rude to us?:
Like of above, But mean?:
What is your personality?:
Are you already in the band?:


Someone Deletes a book. What do you do!?:
Same as above, but anonymous (Explain how you would find out the anonymous):
Someone deletes the whole collection of Books, and Kiha hasn't finished publishing it. What do you do!?

Simple questions that you may need.

Who is Ringo?:
Who is Sekura?:
Who is Mike?:
Who is Mewcutie?:
Who is Kiha Black?:
What is the love triangle?:
Who loves who?:
What do YOU think will change in the books?:

Any other comments?:
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The Fallen Angel


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PostSubject: Re: Application to post.   Sat Dec 22, 2007 11:33 am

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Application to post.
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