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 Opposite Mirrors Tour

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PostSubject: Opposite Mirrors Tour   Sun Sep 20, 2009 7:01 pm


Lets do a tour around the BaHs in AI, to get sopme regonition.
Its called the Opposite Mirrors tour. Why?
I'd like for our concerts to appeal to like, everyone. So we'll do two concerts in each dream.
One concert will be with serious songs and the othger with jsut cpomplete random songs e.g. CINNAMON SWIRLZ.

Here are some issues:

Normally we would ask the staff to emit. But this time..
We will ask the staff to emit.
Only in busy dreams, like MH and stuff
In newly made dreams we could ask the staff to put the cocnert up on their websites or to emit every now and again "REMEMBER! The Rockin Pearlz' concert Opposite Mirrors tour is on...."
We could also get an alt to advertise


Im thinking..
Mystic homes
Sparkling Falls
Comical Homes
Starlight Estates
If you think of more tell me.

We'l ldiscuss that late Very Happy


Opposite Mirrors tour has two concert on each dream -
Deep concert
Light cocnert

Deep is serious and light is random

We'll go to all of the dreams to do one concert, and then go back through them all again to do another e.g.
We go to MH and Starlight Estates to do Deep concert, and then go back to MH to do Light concert
If that makes any sense e.e

I will add what songs we might do later!
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Kiha Holmes


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PostSubject: Re: Opposite Mirrors Tour   Sun Sep 20, 2009 8:04 pm

OMG awesome I agree
and we should all have mystical outfits OMG I wanna sort out a wardrobe EVEN tho on furc we dont wear anything
1 sec


Kim is the blue circle
Pink is pinkas circle

You can tell which one is Sams!
I done a hyper and serious outfit

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Opposite Mirrors Tour
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