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PostSubject: Application   Thu Apr 02, 2009 2:13 am

IRL name?: Ellie
Irl Age
Ic name: Sekura Senthos
Ic Age: 20
Ic powers: Being able to control time, Healing, very good speed, Being able to turn into a Fox (Also being able to speak to animals), and so on.

Mate? I do not have a mate.
Alts The only alts I have would be Roxie1, Kem, and Gabriela Fox


What Pearl do you want to be? (EX. Like the spice girls, but better...WAY BETTER. BETTER THAN YOUR MUM.): (It better be better than meh "mum") I would like to be Emerald Pearl.

What do you want to be?(SINGER IS CLOSED OF FOR NOW, TOO MANY): I would like to be a Therapist/ Bass guitar.


Band Questions.

What is speed lyricing?:
Speed lyricing is when you jump in and sing whatever.

Can you write songs? Of course I can, anyone can, it just matters if they're good.
Can you rp good? I can Rp pretty well, if you want me to be an airhead.

If so, post an example rp post here:
[If someone wasn't a good roleplayer then why would you want them making a post anyways?]
Sekura sat uneasily on the driver's end of her black convertable, staring up at the Rockin' Pearlz's Mansion. Slowly getting the guts, she opened the door and stepped outside onto the burning pavement. Looking around, she cringed. Face it, I can't be here anymore. What am I doing here? She though feverishly to herself.
Peering through dark emerald eyes, a frown became visable on her lightly tan face. Black midnight locks of hair hung in ringlets that cascaded down a rum-colored back which would be a blouse. Hesitantally, she tiptoed towards the front door, a look of worry and undecided appeared on her face.
She raised a fist to knock on the large doors, and quickly smoothed out her black skirt that hung around her knees, and put her black high heels together in the "no place like home" position (heels together).
Her mouth felt dry, and the tinge of uncertainty vibrated up and down her spine. She pursed her darkened lips together and gave the door two light knocks.
Her hands began to shake from how nervus she was, so nervus that she had suddenly realised she didn't know exactly what she was going to say. She balled her hands into fists at her sides, her muscles tensing as the look of worridness ceased to remove from her face.
Will they even take me back?

(This is sounding rather posh lmao)

Who are the leaders?
Kim, Sam, and Kih
Who plays the guitar? Sam
Who writes the lyrics of the songs? Kim
Who gives advice? Kih
Song Questions.

Do you like our songs? (lIST THE SONGS YOU LIKE):
Well, of course. They're pretty good songs. Especially Lips of Poison, which is the only one I actually remember other than the ones most recentally given on the General Boards Category. (That kinda sounds like General Soh's Chicken. Doesn't it? )

How many have you heard< if you have hear some, list them if you can: I have heard 2, though I don't remember the second, the first is Lips of Poison. It's been a couple years, obviously.

What is the chorus of Lips Of Poison?: Lips of Poison, Mind of Venom, Don't let him get to you! (I can't believe I remember that!)

Silly/Random Questions

Whop is your favourite, and why?:
Now that's not a fair question at all. I think Joe is the best because he doesn't seem to talk much, and he's so cute, even though nobody but me can see him and he hids in dark corners away from society.

Who is the most serious?: Most serious? I would say Sam.

Who is the funniest?: Funniest would be in Kim's category.

Who is most dramatic?: Dramatic, Kih, sorry.

Who is completly and utterly mad!?: Me for ever thinking of quitting the band.
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Samantha Calamear


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PostSubject: Re: Application   Fri Apr 03, 2009 11:18 pm

Welcome back, Emmy.
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Kiha Holmes


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PostSubject: Re: Application   Thu Apr 09, 2009 7:25 pm

Lmao yes I am drama Queen! =P

Add the
"Who is most stubborn" Q and everyone would put me LOL.

Welcome back Sek =D

Accepted x 10
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PostSubject: Re: Application   

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