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 Manager Application.

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PostSubject: Manager Application.   Tue Nov 25, 2008 9:18 pm

SUP DUDIES! You want to manage the ROCKIN PEARL!?

Welll, cool then

Heres an app, coollie dudies.

Bi equally coolie dudie,

Kimmi M (Fun Pearl Wink )

IRL name:
Furc name:
IC Age:
IRL age:


To manage a concert it takes hard work. What would you do to amanage one?:

Would you design it?:
Do you make the midis?:
Do you appear in the conerts?:


To get hot spots., where would you go to take the pearlz for publicity?:

If you find a great talented furre, what would you do?:

If one of the pearlz are bugging you, what would you do?:

To be manager, you need to be on your guard all the time. Concerts come out of the blue if pearlz decide that. But do you manage a SINGLE TOUR?:


What if the pearlz were all offline and a normal, non-member pearl, totally oprdinary bandmember, decides to do a single concert/tour? Would you help design it?:

What if the pearlz wanted a concert out of the blue and you were with your friends? Would you go and manage it or stay with your friends?:

A total noob keeps bugging the pearlz. Sure, you're not a security guard. but you want to help. How?


Whos the main leader/s?:

How many?:

What is sam?:

What is Kim?

What is Kiha?:

What ia Sek?:

Name all pearlz bvy their nicknames.:


Any comments?
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Manager Application.
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