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Kiha Holmes


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PostSubject: Stuff..   Thu Jul 05, 2007 9:53 pm




Pinka:Oooooooh Yea.
Kim:If you ever want to catch us, you be fast boy, don't over speed that.
Pinka:If you like us, boy you gota be fast be fast, oh over there by that bench waiting for us.
Kim:Ooh Yeah! you see the girl, go for it! Go for It! go on, get what you waited for..
choruswhenmusicchanges:Go for it go for it! Don't over speed that limit, speed camrea's stop signs, you've been waiting.
Kim:OOoh! you met at prom dance, she waits for you over there, you give her some "Prom."
Pinka:You always were best for each other, be fast boy! Gotta go catch her, before he does.
kim:Yeaaah. Boyyyyyy. Always getcha own way! Yeaaahhhh Boyyyy. Never ever fall for that girl Oh!
Chorus:I'm never gonna get like you boy, never get to go to that, stage stage stage never gonna go to you boy!
PinkA:Always always getcha own way way way.
Kim:Never leave it to yourself Boy!

Pinka:Through Dispair and Toil, I wondered what you were up toooo.. Tonight! tonight! I thought you would come,
Chorus:Tea, Coffee All that sort untill she came and ruined the Sort.
Kim:Waiting at home,At the Club wait for you to Arrrriiiiiive. Thought you would be there in your outfits,Bow tie, Flower Prom stuff.
Chorus: Waiting at home, for you to be mine Oooohhhhhh Noo. When you were coming
From home i thought you would walk into my arms.....
Cin:That never happened what did happen to our love? It broke place by place, bit by bit.
Kim and Pinka: Hey Hey! You be my Boyfriend.Ooh Yeah! OoOo.
Pinka:Deep in that chamber, all locked up thought you would never come tonight, think'in of you, Think'in
all night long in my arms.
Cin:I woke up tomorrow, seeing no-one was there, Take to Court, Take to court Of Despairrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Kim:I never knew this would happen, All day long. Locked up in my bathroom, waiting for you to come..

Pinka:I was all alone.. tonight.. in my home..
Kim:all waiting for you..Never knew it would come.
Pinka:Hello goodbye,whatcha doing here? there, everwhere Erase you from meeeeee!
Chorus:Untill this day came, untill this day finally came, upon the both of us.. Toniggggghtt!!!
Cin:Waiting in my humble, all alone. Thinking you would be there. Ooh!
Pinka:Waiting for you tonight.. Tonight, no arrival.
Chorus:Untill this day came, untill this day finally came, upon the both of us.. Toniggggghtt!
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Kiki BlackFire


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PostSubject: Re: Stuff..   Tue Jan 22, 2008 10:19 am

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