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 Casper's dark life...

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Samantha Calamear


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PostSubject: Re: Casper's dark life...   Tue Jan 08, 2008 9:23 pm

Casper smiled.
He looked around and watched the movie flickering on the screen.
A guy being shot in a jewlery shop.
Coinsidentally called Casper.
Casper laughed.
"Man... Such a brave guy."
He said.
He wa snow older, taller, thinner and handsomer.
His hair had grown floppier, almost covering his eyes.

Casper sighed and watched the movie.
It ended up with Casper dying saving the girl he loved.
His phone suddenly beeped.
Casper was walking ut of the movie theatre and read the text.
Cum 2 the jewlery shop i own hlp me srt owt the cases. xxxxxxxxxAmelia.

Casper shrugged and started to walk, listening to his I-pod.

He finally reached the jewlery shop and entered.
He saw Amelia cleaning one of the display cases.
She turned around and instantly smiled.
"Hello! So, you've come to help?"
She asked, Casper nodded and she giggled.
"Okay. Start with the one in the far corner."
She pointed a pink fingernail at the expensive case.
Casper grabbed a rag from the table, put his ear phones in his ears and listened to music as he cleaned.
There was a loud bang as the door was thrown open.
Said a male, rough voice.
Amelia looked up and dropped the rag. Casper looked up too and widened his eyes.
"Uhh.S....Sir... Please take off all indoor clothing."
The guy wore a mask, vovering his face and black leather jacket and blue jeans.
Casper stood up, the man laughed. He walked up to Amelia, towering over her, and almost yelling he said.
"Where's the money??"
Amelia trembled, Casper decided to stand up, no matter how frightened he was.
"Get...Uhh.. AWAY from her!"
The guy pulled out a gun, Amelia screamed and hid behind a cabinate.
Asked Casper, shrugging. The guy pointed it to Casper.
"Opperate the till..Seems like the girl won't."
Casper didn't knwow aht to do. Get robbed or die trying to be a hero?
Casper walked up to the till, but Amelia jumped in front of the till. The guy pointed the gun at her.
"I have one bullet in here... I'll kill you... Kid, get the money. NOW!"
Amelia shook her head, almost crying,
She began to press the alarm button under the table.
The guy peered around and saw.
"That's it!"
There was a loud bang, followed by a scream.
Casper had no time to loose, without thinking he jumped in front of Amelia.
It happened in one second. The guy started running outside, Amelia screamed and Casper felt a sharp pain in his chest.
He fell backwards into Amelia's arms, she screamed and cried. Not knowing what happened.
Casper opened his eyes slightly, seeing a pool of blood on his chest and in front of him.
He saw Amelia and some medical staff kneeling beside him, one checking his pulse.
"Alive but barely just."
Amelia was crying, Casper saw the bullet, fired into him.
Casper saw Amelia smile.
"He's alive!!!!"
Casper gave one shuddering sigh.. And his eyes closed, cold and dead...
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Casper's dark life...
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